New (and not so new) to Year 6


Led by Sharon Day Maths Ltd

Hosted by Sutton in Craven CP School

 Second of three afternoon sessions

Many teachers would prefer not to teach mathematics in year 6. They feel daunted, by the responsibility of being with the children through their KS2 SAT year. However, the rigour and focus that you learn whilst teaching in this year group stays with you for your career and you gain a deep understanding of the destination of the hard work that children put in over the course of their time at Primary School. During the three sessions we will look at:

  • key understandings and behaviours in mathematics that children need to ensure that they are ready to prove what they know and can do
  • the coverage of the maths SAT papers from all year groups across KS2
  • the nature of each of the maths SAT papers and what the implications are for our teaching
  • tried and tested techniques to prepare for SATs
  • the importance of mathematical language and thought experiments

This course will be particularly useful for teachers who are new to year 6 but will also benefit any year 6 teacher or manager of KS2 or of mathematics.

Date & Time: 
Monday, 21 January, 2019 - 13:30