Teaching in LKS2 and Smashing the Tables Test


9This is the second of three morning sessions)

There is only a year to go before the online multiplication tests for year 4 arrives. The children who will be in year 3 from September, 2018, will be the first year group to go through this experience. In order for children to perform well in these tests they need to be fluent with their multiplication facts. However, this isn’t just for the tests; much of the Upper Key Stage 2 curriculum requires that children enter year 5 with a good grasp of multiplication facts. During the three sessions we will look at:

  • tried and tested techniques to improve the rapid recall of tables facts
  • how to give children a deep and secure understanding of the concept of multiplication
  • how to link multiplication concepts with other areas of the Lower Key Stage 2 mathematics curriculum
  • children who may find it difficult to recall rapidly and how we can support them with deriving the facts as efficiently as possible

This course will be particularly useful for teachers who are new to year 3 and 4 but will also benefit any LKS2 teacher or manager of KS2 or of mathematics.

Date & Time: 
Monday, 21 January, 2019 - 09:30